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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  April 12, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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baltimore's budget plan, the plan it out there. with it comes major changes. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. we're talking about new taxes and fees, in the plan. roosevelt leftwich here to explain what will be different and how the differences could affect your wallet or pocketbook. >> reporter: the new taxes and fees all designed to help offset a $120 million deficit in the budget. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says without it there will be huge layoffs and city services will be crippled if they don't do something. many taxpayers are saying why do it on their backs? the city says its optioning are limited, basic city services have to be maintained with less money so they need more money, as simple as that. >> we can cut government, make it more efficient and demand and accept that all of us -- all of us, must share the pain. >> reporter: that pain is coming. a combination of $70 million in cuts and $50 million in new fees and tax that's the mayor
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says will effect everyone from big nonprofits like hopkins to the guy drinking a shoplift drink with his -- soft drink with his lunch but doesn't like it a bit. >> doesn't make you happy but you still buy sodas, when you're thirsty. >> reporter: the new taxes include an energy tax increase for everyone including nonprofits like hospitals and colleges. increases in taxes on phone lines, the piggy back income tax, hotel taxes, parking tax, new tax on plastic grocery bags. then the fees, increases in parking fines and meters, a four-cent tax on beverage bottles smaller than two liters excluding milk and juice and that early property tax discount many people enjoy, well, that's gone. of all the new taxes it's parking that irritates many folks. under the proposal parking would jump 100% from a buck an hour to $2 an hour. parking is already kind of hard to find sometimes and many folks say that could keep them
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from coming downtown. >> it will keep me from coming to the city to pay to park. just keep it out of the county where you don't have to pay. yeah, i agree. i will not come into the city to pay extra parking. it's crazy. >> people want to experience what baltimore has to offer. we want people to codo that. we need to make sure that as our city is being used by residents and nonresidents that we share in the burden of making sure the city is physically fit. >> reporter: even with all the cuts and increases, 250 jobs in the city will also be lost. there is some good news, there will be no property tax increase this year for baltimore city residents. nothing set in stone but the city council picks up the budget later this week. >> thank you. local leaders are already speaking up about their feelings. one of the people, councilman carl stokes. in a statement released this afternoon he said he's
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optimistic and it's imperative we protect our vital services, like police and fire department but equally as important, the protection of human services to baltimore's children and families. there were just a few more hours of hard work ahead for lawmakers in annapolis. today's the day that everything has to either get passed or killed so the governor can start signing things into law. from laws against sex offenders to the state budget the clock is winding down. christian schaffer is live in annapolis with more. >> reporter: the big issue that people are talking about here is the mandatory minimum sentences for registered sex offenders. this all coming on the heels of the murder of sarah foxwell last year on the eastern shore. while i'm standing here live, look behind me and you can see that governor o'malley actually entered the house chamber. he's on the steps opposite me, above my head in this particular shot. directly in front of him, a woman who has been working as
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an advocate trying to strengthen the sex offender laws to lengthen the mandatory minimum sentences a person is convicted of a second degree sex offense would get. it's not clear if that is why the governor is here or for some other reason perhaps he's talking to constituents but that is the big issue, what ever is talking about, of course the murder of sarah foxwell really brought that issue to the fore here in annapolis during this legislative session. a registered sex offender has been indicted in connection with her murder. and basically the debate comes down to this -- for a person convicted of second degree rape or second degree sex offense of a child, the house of delegates -- the house's version of the bill would increase the mandatory minimum sentence to 15 years. right now it's five years. on the senate side they were hoping, a lot of advocates were hoping to get that increase to 20 years, it now appears some of the advocates on the senate side were willing to comploimize and take the 15-year term as a mandatory
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minimum sentence. sarah foxwell's mother came to annapolis today to make sure legislators do something before the end of the session. >> there were so many red flags that people overlooked or just turned the other cheek at. he should have never been walking the streets, period. letting him out on good behavior, it's frustrating, because, unfortunately, again, my daughter paid the ultimate price with her life because somebody let him walk. >> reporter: so who would be against raising the mandatory minimum sentence for a registered sex offender? people in the senate and house who don't want that raised are people who are -- who favor giving judges more discretion in sentencing. at least that's what they've said. it's not clear whether or not there's enough time to get that bill passed. though it appears the 15-year
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mandatory minimum is more likely than the 20-year at this point. that's an issue we'll be following throughout the evening. christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> thank you. a bike ride to honor a bicyclist killed last week in baltimore county. a group of bikers rode from baltimore to annapolis to push for a bill to make cycling on state roads safer. it would require motorists to pass bikes at a distance of three feet. someone died last week while biking on butler road. we'll be updating the final hours of the general assembly throughout the evening. when not on check out our web site, for everything coming out of the state house. an update to the story we have been following all afternoon. police in howard county say they have found the parents of the little boy we've been telling you about. found in laurel, we're still getting the details from the police but we've just been notified he has -- his parents have been found.
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they are being reunited, more on the story coming up at 11:00. all new at 6:00 -- the parents of a crofton boy are taking legal action against not one but two groups in the death of their child. the family of christopher jones plan to sue several teens and the anne arundel county school board. last may 14-year-old christopher was riding his bike when he was surrounded by a group of kids and beaten. he fell to the ground hitting his head, an injury later determined to have killed him. police said the attack was linked to gangs though jones wasn't part of a gang. his mother is seeking $10 million in damages from the suspects and $200,000 from the school board. the binge drinking has gotten a little out of control in a maryland college town. and maryland state police are joining local law enforcement in a springtime crackdown on binge drinking across frostburg. the home to frostburg state
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university. police are collecting information on house parties held by unrecognized fraternities that are a little more than just drinking clubs. it's part of the frostburg state's nationally recognized effort to change its party school image. a lack of recognition by an anne arundel county man prompted him to fire on a sheriff's deputy parked outside his home sunday and tonight that man is behind bars. law enforcement was working surveillance in an unmarked vehicle. planned on serving a warrant on lauren divine for robbery and assault. his father saw it and fired a handgun in his direction. >> apparently he thought some acquaintances of his daughter were going to come there and try to injury him or his family. so instead of taking the right steps and calling 911 he decided to take the law in his own hands. >> divine is being held in an attempted murder charge at the anne arundel county detention
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center. his bail set at $250,000. a truck driver dies this morning when a granite slab fell on him while he was unloading the stone. it happened at 9:00 at the american countertop company in hanover. the accident is being investigated by county police and state workplace safety inspectors. no word yet on the man's name and no one else was injured. tonight, baltimore county crews are trying to find the source of a gas leak that shut down parts of putty hill avenue and harford roads earlier today. 11:00 this morning people called to report the strong smell of gas in the air. crews sent in to investigate. a spokeswoman with bge says they are diging with a manhole to find the source of the leak. now both lanes are open but there are still minor delays. we don't have reports of surrounding homes or businesses being affected. >> temperatures beginning to cool off now into
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the upper 60s. cooler air in maryland now, also a few clouds out of the north and west. our satellite and radar, maryland's most powerful doppler radar all clear but a few high thin clouds, no rain, at least not yet. that will probably change this time tomorrow. 69 at the airport. low to mid-60s up north of the pennsylvania line. that is the cooler air that will be filtering in here overnight. we'll go from the 60s, eventually into the 50s this evening. a few clouds, we'll stay breezy. we'll talk about the chance of rain, and when that falls tomorrow and also when we warm back up again. coming up. i already really know my dad. but as things progress i think it will help with the frustration level that i might experience with him and when you understand something there's less fear. when there's less fear there's less anger.
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then you have a tendency to connect with somebody on a different level. >> it's a heartbreaking disease that devastates millions of families a year. every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with alzheimer's. for those living with dementia, the disease takes a huge toll. we head to arden court assisted living facility. it's part of a virtual dementia tour. the staff simulates things a person with alzheimer's experiences, from popcorn poured into someone's shoes to show what foot pain is like to putting goggles on for someone with tunnel vision. for people with parents with alzheimer's the virtual tour is a chance for them to experience what their parents' life is like. for pore information on the tour log on to and click on the story "dementia test helps families." they have the brains and
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strategy and today, the umbc chess team has the crown. and, a secret service with the best-kept secrets hand-picked you to join their organization. all across maryland people are joining only to learn they've been duped. and ellicott city, 69 degrees. wyett everhart has a look at the complete forecast coming up.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. this is beyond cable. this is fios. if you have a mailbox you get junk mail but probably have never seen anything like this before. a six-page letter that says you've been chosen to join a secret association and unlock the best-kept secrets. joce sterman has more on this weird mail making its way into maryland homes. >> reporter: imagine opening
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your mailbox and finding out a simple letter could help you unlock the world's greatest secrets. sounds crazy, right? it's been popping up in homes across our area >> it fees like a scam but very hard to tell what the scam is. >> reporter: if the better business bureau sounds confused they are not the only ones. the 6-page letter that says you were chosen for a secret association because you possess special treats has stumped people by the thousands. the problem is no one knows exactly what they've been chosen for. >> they don't tell you the name of the association, anything about it but you're going to submit the invitation. >> reporter: it claims you don't have to pay a dime or give any personal information to get their 56-page booklet. just send back their form before the deadline expires. exp it creates a sense of urgency. >> reporter: but urnsy for what? we web-searched words in the letter and the address on the envelope but only found other confused recipients. no one reports being ripped off but the bbb still encourages
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you you to be wary. if this letter shows up at your house, consider using your special powers to put it in the trash. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> don't forget to check out the "scam alert" section of you can find out more about this letter plus look at angie's blog to see other scams to be watching for. the next time you drive under the jfx you might notice things are a lot brighter. maybe more colorful. thanks to a mural being created by area students. the project is part of the baltimore office of promotion and the arts. the national art education convention being held this week at the convention center. >> our hope is that the students will also take pride in that and the community will take pride in it and see parts of themselves not only represented in the mural but also their hands made in come to life. >> students will work on the mural twice a day and when funished it will be part of 140 murals throughout the city.
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couldn't ask for better weather than to be out - >> i feel like it eases you into the monday, too. nice sunshine, warm temperatures. we do bring a change tomorrow, rain, cooler. you'll notice the change. then we bounce temperatures up towards the ends of the week. april. a little bit of everything. good mix here. federal hill now, old glory flapping pretty well along with the maryland state flag. nice day to get a little round ball in. why not? humidity not too high, temperatures pleasant. we got 69 now at bwi marshall. a little warmer than that downtown. northwest winds 7 miles per hour, this is a shift in the winds. winds now pouring from the north, it will bring cooler air in here tonight. notice the changes by tomorrow. let's look at today's high temperatures. 70 degrees, 63 would be normal. we've been as warm as 88 way back in the late 1970s. 70 was the forecast today.
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beautiful blue skies today. it was super nice early on. we had a few thin clouds sneak into the sky as that very weak cool front pushed through. awesome weather in the chesapeake. early sunshine, a few thin clouds, beautiful site at chesapeake beach in southern maryland. water temperature 53 degrees. so getting warmer out there. our highs today, low 70s but things will begin to cool off this evening. you can see we're already down to 60s here from dover back through easton, pax river, out in western maryland, cooler air already made its way into deep creek lake, upper 50s. in that direction. it's a very light north wind now, not terribly gusty and still dry, tonight into the next few days, i think we should stay nice and clear. as we look at the satellite and radar you can see more cloud cover beginning to sneak in, with these clouds we expect rain to come into the mix tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow
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evening. won't be a lot of rain but we'll see it later in the day tomorrow. overnight tonight, just passing clouds, i think early tomorrow morning, maybe partly to moark -- mostly cloudy but should stay dry through mid-day. that weak cool front is through us but this time of year, when the front comes through, winds shift, it takes another six, eight, 12 hours sometimes for the coolest hair to come behind the front. that should happen tomorrow. we'll be down to the upper 50s, maybe a 60 downtown. but here's the chance of rain, upper air disturbance behind the front. chance of rain about midday tomorrow. doesn't look like a huge area of rain, not particularly long lasting but showers could continue into the evening rush so give yourself extra time. distinct roads a distinct possibility tuesday evening. then we dry out and bring back sunshine wednesday. quick recovery, brief april showers. tonight, down to 44. clouds on the increase. didn't take a while to drop though. cooler north winds bring in the
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cooler air with the cloud cover and rain cooling we should see with the showers, maybe 55 at most at bwi marshall. a little warmer perhaps downtown but it will be noticeably cooler. 40 tomorrow night. evening showers will eventually give way to just a drier overnight period and then as we go into the day wednesday, 63 with sunshine, then back into the 70s thursday and friday. maryland home to another national champion. the chess team from umbc claimed the national title for the second year in a row. it's the sixth time in 10 years a team from umbc won the presidents cup tournament which determines the top u.s. collegiate chess team. the forecast coming up.
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the dow closed above 11,000 for the first time in a year and a half. some corporate takeovers nudged higher stocks today. the dow jones closed up nine,
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nasdaq finished just under four points and the s&p 500 closed up over two. let's look at what is coming up tonight new at 11:00. counting down to the end of the legislative session in annapolis. a live report in the last-minute rush. you never know when a crisis will hit. tonight at 11:00, what about gadgets that could be life-saving when disaster strikes in your home? >> we'll have that, also, a check of the 7-day forecast. and i tell you, a little bit of everything this week. cooler tomorrow and wednesday, then we warm back up thursday and friday. chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. >> still looks pretty seasonal. >> april we get a little bit of everything. it's living up to its reputation. >> as long as we don't get snow. >> exactly right. >> that is it for abc2 news at 6:00. we're back at 11:00. thank you for joining us. have a great evening.
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